1. What do operators have to do to be part of it?
    Sign up your account with BookPEI Industry Support , call 1-866-213-7521 or email: bookpei@gov.pe.ca.
    Set your room or unit descriptions, set your rates, operational dates, minimum booking days and your cancellation policy.
  2. What does it cost?
    BookPEI fees are $100. - $150. (depending on number of units) per license number. This includes FREE website photos for your English and French web listing.
  3. How can you participate?
    There are three levels of involvement in BookPEI:
    BOOK NOW - When your property is available for online reservations, it appears at the top of the search results, thus giving your property maximum exposure.
    CONTACT TO BOOK - If your property is not available for online reservations, it is still featured prominently, but below the BOOK NOW properties.
    PROPERTY MANAGEMENT - Using BookPEI to manage your property without marketing your inventory online is an option. Filing occupancy reports online and recording guest information are features available for your convenience.
    You have the right to limit your involvement with BookPEI (for example placing two of five rooms on the system.)
  4. How can I purchase online vacation packages?
    BookPEI online packages can be purchased by contacting: tourismsales@gov.pe.ca. The cost of packages is $250. for a minimum of 2 packages, additional packages are $90. Each. Operators must also purchase a web-listing with Tourism PEI. Accommodation Operators wishing to have their packages bookable online must also purchase BookPEI.
  5. Is participation in the Central Reservation System (BookPEI) mandatory?
    No. The system offers marketing and sales opportunities, but participation is not mandatory.
  6. I want to participate in the system, but not with all of my inventory. Can I do that?
    Yes. You can post only a part of your inventory on the system.
  7. Aren't we contravening privacy laws when we collect customer information?
    No. As long as we ask permission of the customer, tell them what we will do with it and do only what we say, no privacy laws or common sense agreements will be broken.
  8. Must I participate in the Canada Select rating program to participate in Book PEI?
    Yes, based on a 1996 decision by the Tourism Marketing Authority, all licensed accommodations must participate in and publish a Canada Select rating when advertising in any Government publication. This policy does pertain to Book PEI.
  9. Is it necessary for my tourism establishment to be set up to accept credit card payments?
    No. A credit card number is entered into the reservation system by your customer as a means by which to finalize a reservation. You, the tourism operator, is then advised by email that a new reservation has been made. You would then contact the customer and explain the form of payment that your establishment accepts and the cancellation policy.