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Tourism PEI

Sponsored Links & Advertising

The sponsored links on the Tourism PEI website are modeled after Google sponsored links. The cost is a pay-per-click rate that is adjusted according to time of season: January to April; May to August and September to December.

As an accommodation or attraction operator, you can purchase sponsored links for your property or package to ensure your listing is one of the first options customers see when they are ready to start booking. You can purchase up to three sponsored links per category as long as the search criteria is met.

Ready to purchase?


Managing your sponsored links

Once you purchase a sponsored link, you can view and edit details using Operator Self Serve, as follows:

  1. Access your account by logging in at Operator Self-Serve.
  2. Review the start and end promotion dates, status (enabled/disabled), maximum budget per day (you set the daily cap) and budget balance.
  3. You can change your maximum daily budget and set the promotion to enabled/disabled.

Other advertising opportunities

Tourism PEI offers marketing bundles, print advertising and several other opportunities for online exposure.

For details, download the Tourism PEI Advertising Opportunities brochure

Access your account by logging in on the Operator Self-Serve page.